The days are getting longer! My drives from work to daycare in the evenings this week have been filled with pink light and gorgeous sunset mountains – it’s been an unbelievably enjoyable sight.

The entrance to the daycare comes about 30 ft after you crest the hill and the Olympics come flooding into view. It’s wonderful. The strictly fastest route home from daycare takes about five minutes and features lovely views of the Cascades. There’s a twelve minute route, though, that winds through a neighborhood up on a hill, and has gorgeous views of the Olympics and Lake Washington and then swings around and you can see the Cascades. It’s just enough longer that it’s not an everyday route, but the views are inspiring.

Really the only thing I miss about our old apartment is those Olympic and lake views – they were incredibly uplifting. It’s a treat to have a daily reason to glimpse them again. We live in such a beautiful place.

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