Saturday fun

Shawn and Sanna came over on Saturday so that Shawn could help Kevin reinforce the floor from the crawlspace for our new fishtank! I was so appreciative – I continue to hope I will never have to go down there. Here they are suiting up with goggles and masks:

Poor little William the cockapoo was sort of freaked by the bright white suits and had to retreat between Sanna’s legs:

(He also wasn’t such a fan of the sound of drilling beneath the floor. Poor puppy.) I definitely feel like I got the best end of the deal – got to hang out with Sanna and hear how their wedding planning is going! Meanwhile, Shawn and Kevin finished up in about three hours – pretty impressive (speed and stamina). Shawn was also remarkably cheerful about the chance to do real physical labour – talk about putting the bright spin on things.

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