Making our own baby food

Having now tried this, it’s kind of amusing that making your own baby food has the reputation it does. (Although, I suppose as a cloth-diapering, baby-wearing, breast-feeding farmers-market-shopper, my opinion probably lacks credibility.) In any case, most of the early foods are too simple: cook a veggie, add water, puree, freeze. The peas were surprisingly verdant:

And the frozen cubes, all popped out of their trays and sorted into baggies, are so satisfying (here, peas and squash).

The only glitch in the plan is the baby who has no interest in solid food. Worst case though, Kevin and I will eat this month’s veggies at the beginning of April – we sampled as I was making them, quite yummy, and we shouldn’t have too much trouble with finishing these off, even if they are in puree form. 🙂

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