Christmas Plants

My gift to Kevin this year was houseplants (I know, too exciting), and we finally took our trip over to Molbak’s this weekend. Orange pots with pretty low-light plants for our almost-no-light bedroom:

Plus a pretty mix of green plants in a yellow pot that looks so sunny and cheerful in our kitchen.

(Shown with the still-blooming daffodils and brilliant azalea outside.)
A low planter for the coffee table in the family room and a tall mix for the living room, neither of which I have pictures of yet.

While we were there, we took advantage of the 30% off sale and bought blueberry bushes for the side yard outside our window – I’ve been wanting to plant some there almost since we moved in. The lavender I’ve been growing from seed can also go there (though I’m not sure what it will think of the acidic soil – an experiment). We left them in their pots overnight to make sure we had the placement right. Here’s a photo of the view before they went in the ground.

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