Sunny mornings are brutal, since H is now frequently up at 5:15. Our curtains more mellow the light than block it, so in a desperate bid for more sleep, I went to the fabric store on the way home from daycare and bought a few yards of blackout fabric to make curtains.

I was afraid that the curtains would be too heavy for my hanging idea if they were a double layer of liner + fabric, but I used some of the remaining fabric from my comforter cover and bed skirt to add a band of accent fabric to the bottom of the panel…

… and a channel of fabric to the top of the panel.

We have a collection of scrap wood slats in the garage (we’d needed two for something, and it was cheaper to buy a bundle than individual ones. They come in handy every now and then.) so I cut three of them down and lined the ends by stapling strips of fabric on.

Those went through the channels like so:

And then I used push pins on the top of the window frame (where we’ll never see the holes) to put up loops of ribbon to hold the curtains. It’s a very wide window, and it’s tricky to find hardware that would work– I was pleased with my ribbon alternative. Then we can just slide the slats into the loops to hang them, and take them down and roll them up during the day. It’s not a terribly fancy solution, but for $20 seemed like a great temporary fix. Here’s to sleeping in till 7?

One thought on “Curtains!”

  1. You’re so crafty, I’m impressed. Will you post a picture of them hanging in the window? 🙂

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