Sharp little vest

I finished the sweater, finished the mittens, and was completely in the mood to cast on for something new, to the point of possibly making bad decisions. This yarn was an impulse buy two years ago (originally possibly for long fingerless gloves, but I’ve had trouble finding three-color patterns that seemed likely), and since then has just sat. It’s completely the wrong yarn for a toddler — thin, glossy, not exactly machine-washable, and that white is BRIGHT white.

And yet, I felt compelled to use it in little three-row stripes for a v-neck vest, and so off I went. I don’t have a pattern per se, and I definitely need to look into jogless striping, since the first few color changes have been pretty rough, but I’m all excited about it and whirring away the rows.

I should also probably check the sizing before I go too much further, and it wouldn’t hurt to make sure the black and green are color-safe. Such an ill-advised little project, but it was exactly what I wanted to knit, so off we go. 🙂

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