An evening photo of Kevin by the Christmas tree on Friday night – champagne was to celebrate the beginning of vacation, since we’re both off work until January 4th.

(They’re painting my building and redoing all the carpets, plus moving all the offices around, so even if I wanted to log in and get something done there isn’t a computer there for me to log into. Kind of blissful. Kevin has extra vacation so decided to also take the time off and work on the fish tank and other house projects.)

I love this photo because it also includes the toddler tree setup – our barricade of coffee tables and end tables and toys has been more or less successful. Every now and then the kiddo takes it into his head to go over the top (hmm), but so far we’ve managed to catch an ankle before he can reach the light strands. His technique is to grab a strand and pull sharply (as if he was starting a mower) – luckily the ornaments have all bounced on the carpet rather than breaking.

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