February Onion

Another February, another onion that sprouted on the counter.

I used to plant them, but now I just plunk them in an ice cream bowl and watch them grow. This one is particularly magnificent – I’ve had it in the window for about a month now and it just keeps getting greener and fuller. The bulb is almost completely gone at this point (the onion skin shell makes it looks like its former shape and size, but if you pick it up, the onion inside is shriveled and soft). Perhaps I’ll make an omelet with the onion greens while they’re still tender? I’ll miss it on the counter, but I have a second onion that sprouted two weeks ago now and is also growing up a storm.

For size reference, you can see it on the window sill while the kiddo and I watch a squirrel on the fence.

Pretty growing thing in the face of all the winter grey.

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