Good work

A photo to document the completion of the pruning of this dumb bush.

I started last summer, and have made several additional attempts since then before several months of abandonment, and now I’m finally done. Hurrah! It’s one of the ones that sends up 6 foot shoots straight up into the sky, and also creates tons of dead wood each season. I removed the shoots and dead wood, and then did my best to remove all of the branches growing across the center. Again, it took a good half-dozen afternoons, but the thing is finally tamed. 🙂 I will enjoy it while it lasts.

I also did four of the mottled yellow-green bushes off to the left (in my head, they’re called “banana bushes” – no idea where I got that from or if it’s a real name). These ones grow like mad and are so straggly, so there is no careful deliberate pruning, more just a fast, enthusiastic hack job. Satisfying after the bush-of-seven-months.

PS. Here’s the front yard planter looking slightly melted but still colorful after a week of freezing temps and snow.

Figures that we’d have that weather starting two days after I planted all the ranunculus and primroses… The good news is that there are buds on all three plants, so we may yet have pretty blooms that last for weeks.

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