New Computer

While I’m on an offices kick, I should post about my new computer – a Christmas gift from Kevin, and pretty much an amazing little machine.

I’ve had desktop towers for years. This uses laptop components for the most part plus a great graphics card (to power my monster monitor), has all sorts of useful slots, and is teeny tiny (less that 8”x8”x3.5” in every dimension). Plus, unlike my Jan ’06 model, it boots, resumes and shuts down like a champ. I’d forgotten how nice it was to have a computer that just works, seamlessly, without all sorts of quirks and temperamental displays. Plus, so tiny it sits on my desktop between my monitor and my lamp instead of down on the floor. My moving-into-dorm-rooms self is jealous – carrying the computer up flights of stairs wouldn’t be the same difficult issue with this model, I’m thinking.

Awesome from a stylistic sense as much as from a toddler-proofing one.

2 thoughts on “New Computer”

  1. New computer and new desk arrangement both look great! I can’t believe what a compact little thing the computer is.

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