Attaching the return loop

Instead of using lots of blowers in this tank, (we have 5 or so in our existing tank) we’re relying on the standard water flow through the refugium and filters plus a single powerful blower mounted in the back corner. To augment this, we’ll also have a closed loop – water gets pulled out of the main tank to a pump in the garage that blasts it back into the main tank through a pipe that runs around the top edge of the tank. Kevin assembled it earlier today and was holding it on with clamps. The original plan was to epoxy it directly to the tank, but given that we may need to replace it at some point (if it’s too loud, not enough flow, etc) a temporary solution seemed better.

In our current tank, we drilled into the plastic around the top and used zip ties to attach the return loop. However, this tank doesn’t have the same lip, so that solution won’t work, and the zip ties are also sharp where you cut them . Lots of scratches. Instead, I suggested yarn for the meantime. I made a dozen or so little yarn loops and put them in place, and then Kevin went around with wooden skewers and glue and secured them in place.

Not bad.

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