More kitchen wipes

We have a set or two of flat fold cloth diapers that were originally the burp cloths and have evolved into the kitchen and kiddo cleanup cloths. After two years, it was time for newer replacements, so I thought I’d get more diapers, cut them into quarters, and use bias tape to close the seams.

I got a bias tape maker (looks kind of like a zipper pull – magical little device. Here’s the pressed coil of bias tape all ready to go.

And the first few in the stack…

And all folded and put away in the drawer.

My two quarter yards of this blue binding fabric made twenty quarter cloths. Neat! Next time, I’ll cut the diapers in half (these are on the slightly chintzy side size-wise and the turn didn’t come out that well – a straight line would look much better, be faster to fold out of the laundry AND be faster sewing).

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