Flashback: More acorn hat photos

[Catching up in Fall 2012 on the missing posts from Fall 2011.]

Outside in the damp on a day cool enough for the hat, but warm enough not to need a jacket.

I love the gnomish shape of it – I miss the cuteness of last year’s little blue gnome jacket. This isn’t quite the same but still strikes the same chord.

Good detail of the cables, too.

Meanwhile, my additional yarn for the cuffs of the striped sweater came, and as feared, it’s a really different blue. I debated for all of two minutes before ripping out all the cuffs to reknit in the new color, so that they at least match each other if not the sweater stripes.

I can’t decide if I’m losing enthusiasm for this project. I’m still enjoying the process, but increasingly less confident in the results.

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