Baby knitting

Out of nowhere two weeks ago, it was suddenly urgently time to start knitting for the baby. And so one extra pair of sock yarn from the closet, and two weeks later, I have these cute little booties.

They aren’t really that florescent – I made the mistake of trying to take photos on a sunny day, and the camera couldn’t deal with the low, bright light. A side view, moderately more accurate colors:

And a pair of little socks!

I also knit a heart – it’s supposed to be stuffed and hung with ribbon on a cabinet door to decorate for Valentine’s Day, along with a whole set of other ones, but now I’ve lost steam.

Hurray for flighty little quick projects. I think the reason for all the small knitting has actually had very little to do with the baby and a lot to do with work. I’m in the middle of a huge, long, complicated first draft, with several more weeks of work to go. It’s daunting. So in the little gaps and pieces of the evening, a quick baby knit to cheer me up and feel like progress. 🙂

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