We went to the fish store on Saturday, and put some gift certificates from Christmases past to good use, buying our first corals for the new tank. So exciting! We now have a little pink pom pom xenia in the back, pulsing away. It’s in a pretty low-flow spot near the back wall, and it seems happy there.

And some spectacular zoos – half are shades of kelly green with yellow fringe, and the others are red with blue centers and yellow fringe. (Note blue-legged hermit crab, just to the left.)

It’s a little frag now, but it will hopefully get its feet under itself soon and start growing. The colors are so bright. We put it near the front, so you can see this one from the kitchen and the table.

And that green!!

And then on the side by the futon, we have these subtle pink zoos. They were only $10, but I think they are so pretty.

The tank is starting to really purple up nicely, especially in the paths of the blowers.

We’re planning to swap out one of our purple lights for a white, which should help some of the color shift you can see here. (After you look at the tank for a few minutes, everything has vivid yellow cast to it when you look away.)

Our little tank watcher has been very busy keeping an eye on the snails and hermit crabs. Here he is, checking up on them after dinner.

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