Setting up the quarantine tank for the first time!

We decided to sneak in another round of corals before the baby comes. Last time we plunked them in the main tank after a fresh water dip and then felt worried about it; this time we decided to quarantine.

This quarantine tank was a custom design, based on some sketches I made. We wanted something that the old skimmer could sit in (since we’ve always had water quality issues with the tiny quarantine tank). This tank is still small enough to sit on the counter, but the left side can hold the skimmer, there’s a removable mesh panel, and the right side can hold corals and fish. Yay!

We ended up with five corals – red mushrooms, purple mushrooms, blue and tan zoos, and two new-to-us ones. They came with some starfish, a horrible red worm that we’ll have to try to catch, and a tiny crab. Neat! Glad we quarantined. I’ll have to get pictures after we get them in the main tank.

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