Baby names

In honor of being 36 weeks pregnant today, a little name game fun. Here are some of the top sites that we’ve been using recently:
Total popularity over large stretches of time (1880s til now) – good for filtering out some of trendy new things, and good sorting by beginning and ending sounds. I’ve been convinced there was some great name out there (in an “on the tip of my tongue” sort of way) that started with M and ended with an “ie” sound. This site finally put that to rest.
I love this chart. It groups names by sounds/spellings and then ranks them. Given that two of our top wants are that people will know how to say it and how to spell it (and there are SO many creative spellings of girl names. It’s ridiculous.), this chart was exactly what I needed.
You put in names you like, it suggests more to consider.
This was my favorite site when we were naming Henry, and it’s still incredibly helpful. Apparently I have a strong affinity for names that are most popular in Montana and Minnesota. Huh.

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  1. Baby naming is so much fun. Have you checked out Wolfram Alpha? If you type in names, it gives you all sorts of fun info and charts. 🙂

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