Kevin’s coaster

My coaster project from the other night hit a small pause as I need to buy grey linen for the back, but a new project sprung up in its place. I was trimming the quilted fronts after dinner while we waited for the kiddo to finish eating, and Kevin said he wouldn’t mind a coaster for his desk from some of the remnants. I said he could choose his own colors if he wanted instead of just taking scraps, so he pulled an eye-bending combination of red, green, pale yellow and orange sherbet from the stack. We laughed – our ideas of what goes with what never line up. But I took it under advisement, and subbed out the orange and yellow solids with more saturated prints.

The back is from a very loud print that I’d meant to make into an organizer/caddy for his flash umbrellas back before we bought the drawers which rendered that project unnecessary. I’m glad to finally get to make him something with it.

The coaster in its new home, on his desk:

Kevin seemed really pleased with the gift, bright, cheery, autumnal little thing. He said it makes him want to clean up the desk clutter so that you can see it better. Best kind of sewing – quick and highly appreciated. The longest/hardest part was hiding the seam in the binding (I put it in one of the corners). Even hand-stitching the binding only takes a few minutes in something this size.

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