Pre-felting roundup

Some pictures of knitting projects ready to go be felted. I think I’m going to take them to a laundromat rather than attempting to use our HE frontloader? People have said that you can’t control the felting process as well in a front loader, that sometimes HE doesn’t produce enough hot water to felt well, and beside I don’t think I want to risk getting matted wool in our machine. I’m excited, though, I haven’t felted anything since we lived in our Kirkland apartment — it’s probably been about 7 years!

After these pictures, I put the knits in the front seat of my car with a roll of quarters, hopefully not doomed to be chauffeured around forever. Time is ticking if I want to get these felted before I go back to work.

Slippers for me, tops and bottoms:

Dryer balls – an experiment. They’re supposed to reduce drying time (saving electricity) and act as a fabric softener and wrinkle preventer. Fascinating and worth a shot.

Mini-cauldrons, for storing some TBD small items…:

I feel successful to finally be done with the knitting at least! 🙂

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