I just realized it’s been a zillion years since I posted pictures of the tank. I was blowing off the rocks and the sand, and everyone was swimming around looking so bright in the gloom, so it seemed like a good day for photos.

Clack had a major adventure last night — Kevin heard an odd slapping sound and went into the fish room to find Clack on the floor! YIKES! We were both amazed that he survived the fall, and also weren’t sure how long he was out of the tank. He swam erratically the first few minutes back in the tank, but seemed okay after that, and was starving the next day. So I guess he’s alright? He’s eight years old, I wonder if this is like octogenarians who take up skydiving? Hopefully it’s an isolated experience.

The cleaner shrimp was doing his dance at me, “Hello, I’m a lovely shrimp, let me clean you, it will be nice.”

Our purple pocillopora is growing beautifully, it’s amazing how much bigger it is compared to when we got it at the end of January!

The blue staghorn acro was growing, too, but when we got back from PA, things had shorted out, the circulation pump had stopped, and the tank was about 20 degrees colder than it should have been. We got it warmed back up, and everything else seemed fine, but the acro bleached. I’m hoping it will come back.

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  1. OH NO – poor Clack!! And poor all of them with the drastic temperature dip! I’m so glad they seem to have pulled through.

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