Introducing our new dude

Kevin and I discovered the lawnmower blenny back in 2005 when our tank was very new, and have wanted one since then. Our new tank should be a really good environment for one, and so as soon as we were able (we wanted to be past travel and past the brightest time of year when days and nights are so lopsided) we found one to bring home.

He is a character and a half. Here he is poking out of a 2″ diameter pvc fixing.
At some point we started calling this the “homer simpson fish” — I think because it’s so full of character, has googly eyes and a five o’clock shadow?

Between the eyes and the fronds, he’s crazy expressive.


He is a perching fish, and will sit on the sand or bits of rock. It’s very casual, like he’s just tucked up his feet for a moment.

Here he is, eating algae off the glass. The camouflage works, right?

One thought on “Introducing our new dude”

  1. Oh, I love him! I hope he can go in the big tank soon and wish him a long and happy life in his new home!!

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