Water change whiteboard

One of my three goals* for this post-daycare/pre-job stretch was to finally learn how to do water changes and maintenance on the new tank. For a long time it was Kevin’s job because he knew how and I was too pregnant to easily do any of the bucket lifting. Later, I seemed to perpetually be holding a newborn or infant, and it seemed easier for him to sneak in a quick waterchange when it fit, instead of finding some way for us both to have a free 45 minutes with no kids so that he could explain and I could take notes. But last night we finally headed out to the garage, so that I could reduce the maintenance on all of this:

To this:

Next week, I’ll fly solo. Wish me luck!

* The other two goals are: 1. Find a job, and 2. Do the 10 week 5K training program.

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