Signs of Spring

Everywhere I look there are little hopeful things popping up out of the ground.

Hostas in the left-foreground, tulips along the front edge of the path, more tulips along the back bed. (Also note the gravel pile – started at 3 tons, and here’s how much is left when the path is about 60% done. I’m trying to see how this will work and drawing a blank, we may have to come up with a solution to use up WAY more gravel. Other side yard? plus, um…?)

Daffodils and irises.

The transplanted roses have a few dead branches that I need to trim, but they’re also growing and leafing out! So exciting, I would have been so sad if these didn’t make it.

By the blue chairs, the hydrangea is starting to leaf out, and daffodils are up.

On the other side, daffodils, and to their left: crocosmia!

Two stands of tulips, a rose with red tips, two patches of crocosmia, and happy lavender. The barberries are just starting to show color again.

The lavender, sagex2, and thymex2 are all looking pretty dormant still, but many patches of two types of tulips are starting to pop up!!

In the front yard, I keep scanning for hostas and ferns, not much on that front so far, but the tulips are starting to appear!

I was worried about this japanese maple – I planted it late and it was so freezing cold in Nov and December, but there are buds everywhere. Maybe it made it?!?

View of the walk from the car to the house – we need shrubs and plantings but I’m so excited about the way the path is shaping up!

Back up to the end of the driveway, and you get the gravel pile in all its glory. Some day we’ll have just a lawn instead of endless piles from dump trucks!

One last thing – Bob gifted me all of his rhizomes from last year’s dahlias – too much to know what to do with, but a treat nonetheless.

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