And even the buttons are sewn on!

I finally finished the flower sweater! An Olympics knit that turned into a Downton knit that has just kept going and going, but delightfully. This was originally supposed to be a 24M size, but I was generous in resizing the pattern to match my yarn, and I think realistically it’s going to be closer to 3T. I love the way it turned out – the colors, the yarn, the pattern. I wish the shoulders were a smidge less 80s, but the rest is so cute that I even forgive it that.

The yarn I ordered for the green button-fastening i-cord looked spring-green online and turned out to be more of a poop-gold in person. Bummer. I substituted wool in a different gauge, but it’s proven for being machine wash and dry, and I think the jewel tone and slight variegation is gorgeous. Win!

The buttons have a faux-shell veneer, and I played up the white yarn with several knots on the front side. I think they’re great. I had about 9 things I was looking for in buttons, couldn’t quite find any of them (wrong size, hand-wash only, not enough on the rack, etc). These were a surprise find at the last minute and I love them.

And the Yarn Harlot posted a great blocking refresher a few days ago, and I’m so glad she did. I always block but it rarely turns out this beautifully.

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