Bonus tulip photos

After the massive garden post yesterday, I realized there were a few more stunning tulip photos on Kevin’s camera, and they’re so much better than the ones I took that they deserve their own bonus post. This is what the flowers look like in person, glowing in the sun with such vivid colors.

The round orange ones with red stripes are Elite and supposed to be early-season. The yellow and pink fluted ones are Fidelio and supposed to be late season. If these bloom together again next year, I’ll separate them – they were too similar when they first started to bloom, and now they clash. I love the Fidelio especially – their leaves have a blueish undertone, and their stems rise to lavender – they are such a lovely flower.

These tall orange ones are Orange Emperor, the yellow/orange short many-layered ones are Freeman.

Glowing Orange Emporers.

Hello, daffodil.

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