Swing set!!

Natasha was here to babysit, and so while Kevin installed one of the new quiet fish tank pumps (and discovered that the old one was nearly clogged with a turbo snail shell and assorted algae and gunk), I worked on unpacking the swing set boxes. They arrived quite damaged, but the injuries inside are superficial. We’re missing a few hardware parts, but the wood is all here and basically fine.

Two and a half hours later I finally had everything organized. Each piece of wood is stamped with a letter/number pair, and I arranged them in piles according to that.

The further-out view with the parts for the slide, bouncy tunnel, swings, etc.

Hundreds (thousands?) of pieces of hardware – yikes:

We will be drilling for WEEKS. I finished the ladder after nap – a very, very small victory. But man is there ever a lot to go. On the plus side, it all looks excellent. I can’t wait to see it all assembled.

2 thoughts on “Swing set!!”

  1. If it wasn’t for such an awesome purpose, all of those pieces would make me want to cry. Wishing you patience and perseverance – it WILL be worth all the effort!!

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