Claire was full of memories tonight:

“Sharon Grandma Grandpa sing me jingle bell? Happy? Whyyy?” me: “Did you like when they sang jingle bells?” Claire, max intensity: “YES” In case you’re missing the reference point: we did a skype call on Christmas day with my family – the kiddos sang Away in a manger, the Adults in FL sang Jingle bells back.

“My fly Boston Grandma Grandpa Boston airlane? Duckies?” [Wait, what??] me: do you remember that? we stayed at a hotel in Boston? And saw the Make Way for Ducklings? And rode the swan boats with Grandma and Grandpa.” “YES.” “And then we went to Sharon and Andrew’s wedding. You wore a pretty dress, and walked down the aisle with Henry and all the people smiled at you. Sharon wore a beautiful dress…” “WHY?” “Because she was getting married.” “hm. WHY?” “To Andrew.” “Oh.”


She is very much looking forward to the “Airlane granpa granpa house, go swimming??” in January.

2 thoughts on “Chatter”

  1. How neat that she remembers these things and love having the reminder myself of each of these memories!

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