New corals and the tank

Kevin got a slew of new corals (mostly zoos! yay!) that are settling into their new home, and it’s a great excuse for a tank photo shoot. The unfortunate rejoinder to all these posts are “…and xenia!” which are doing their level best to take over the tank, wretched things, in spite of me tweezing them out as fast as I can.

First, something that isn’t a purchase at all — some Christmas tree fans that appeared out of nowhere. They’re teeny, maybe 1/3 of an inch tall, and spiraling into a tree shape. I love them.

And many corals, mostly acropora and montipora (both branching and plates).

Hello, Ollie, party crashing and hoping for Nori.

Hello, Ollie, again, staring me down from inside the rock.

This kind of coral is called a “bird’s nest” — delicate but lovely.

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