In the parking garage at Logan, picking up our rental car for the 4th of July weekend.
Claire: “Is this car an electric car?”
Kevin: “Nope, it’s gas.”
Claire, very judgy: “We don’t WANT a gas car, we want an electric guitar!”


In NH, in the scrum while everyone was trying to get ready and head out the door to visit the library.
Henry: “I’ll be the mother, and you be the son,”
Claire: “And I’ll be the sunscreen!!”


Claire, 7:12 am, sitting on Kevin’s pillow, typing away furiously on a purple post-it note folded in half: “I’m emailing Jeff. I’m letting him know I’m going to be on vacation in Norf Carolina. So! I can’t come to work, I’ll be on vacation.”
Me, eyes still closed: “Oh! Smart.”
Me: “Which Jeff?”
Claire: “The normal Jeff. Not the countdown Jeff.”

So, to summarize, Claire sends pretend emails to Jeff Bezos and thinks of him as “the normal Jeff.”


Claire, at dinner, apropos of nothing: “Do you know what I will have in my house? [when she’s an adult] A desk, a computer, and everything Henry has in HIS house.”


Henry has a mental block on “Angel food cake” and always instead says “Angel fruit cake”. A logical substitution. 🙂

Henry has three field trips a week for camp this summer, and the first two were off to a great start: the Burke Museum (complete with dinosaur skeletons) on Wednesday, and a tour of Safeco Field plus lunch at Jefferson Park (overlooking Boeing Field and all the planes landing) on Friday.

And yet, at bedtime: “I can’t WAIT until next week. Friday. Why? [Henry is a big believer in the Socratic Method] Library! We get to take out books. And what does that mean? Learn new words.” And he looked so pleased and content with the anticipation of it. 🙂

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  1. These are so cute and funny. Love that I got to hear the ‘sunscreen’ one in person. ( :
    Great starting field trips for Henry!

  2. Henry and Socratic Method makes me laugh 🙂 That sounds like a pretty great field trip line-up (and library on top of all that)! Claire pretend emailing Jeff Bezos = Seattle child to the max.

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