Bits and pieces

Claire, after running laps in the cul-de-sac: “I can feel my heart beep!”


One of those words that Henry learned by reading instead of hearing: he says it as “invent-ory” (like “owlery, or smithery”, not inventory.) And he thinks of it as where the inventions are kept. I love that to bits, Kevin started to correct him and I frantically waved him off. I love the idea of a little boy with an entire wing of inventions. (Even if they ARE all planes.)


Talking about snow at dinner, and how we hope it snows this year, when Claire chimed in:
“Do you remember when we knocked over the snowman and found the grass?!”

Kevin and I were astounded, the kids didn’t see snow in person at all last year, so I think she’s talking about the early-December 2014 snowstorm when she was just two!! So amazing that at four she still remembers it (and that it’s the first time she’s mentioned it!!)


Claire, recently, loves adding units to numbers to emphasize how impressive they are.

“This book was 100% pages!!” (She meant it had a lot of pages.)
“I waited 17 inches long.” (A long time.)
One of the kids in her class turned five. “He turned five! and now he’s so tall. He’s five million tall.”


Claire, in her scientific observation voice, riding in the backseat: “Our voice doesn’t evaporate in here.”

(She meant echo, which is doesn’t do either. :-))

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  1. So amazing how much those little brains learn and keep track of! They’ve gained a huge invent-ory of knowledge. ( :

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