The wrong kind of progress

Instead of brushing up on my C++ or prepping for job interviews, I’ve been knitting. Oops. 😛

Here’s rogue so far, with the side cables a row and a half away from completion and the markers in place for the beginning of the neck cables:

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I know everyone else has said it before, but it’s so fun to watch the cables grow! I found the repeat on rows 33-38 of Chart A incredibly confusing, but I’m past it now, and it all looks great. Here’s a little zoom on the side cables:

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2 thoughts on “The wrong kind of progress”

  1. I wish I could knit. Do you sell what you make?? Anyway, just surfing other peoples blogs, I really like yours…you have a “for lack of a better word” happy writing style. And you seem intelligent, which is awesome..I have not seen much of that lately. But yea…let me know if you sell what you make.

  2. Hi, and thanks for the compliments. 🙂 I’ve never looked into selling what I knit, mostly because I am not very consistent about staying with projects. Recently (i.e., since I started attending a group), I’ve been knitting a lot faster, but I still don’t think I turn out anything quickly enough to sell.

    If you’re interested in knitting, it’s really not that hard to learn. If you’re a book person, there are a ton of options. The Stitch N Bitch book seems to be the most popular bible for newbies. If you learn better in person, most yarn shops (and many fabric or craft stores) offer lessons.

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