Red Sox heart attack

I take full responsibility for what happened in the seventh inning… everyone in the Angels dugout looked so *sad* and I started to think that it would be sporting if they at least got a few more runs in before losing. Within the inning, Myers and Timlin loaded the bases, walked one guy home, and then Guerrero hit a grand slam and the 6-1 lead was gone. Luckily the Sox overcame my misplaced sympathy for the Angels and finished strong. Good job, guys. I promise to focus from here on in.

I had to take a break from Rogue (I can’t work on that when I’m concentrating on something else or my hood increases go all awry). Since I had a bunch of cascade left over from my booga bag (pictures to come as soon as I find black grommets and can put the thing together), I figured I would make a few felted potholders. I already have a small blue&black collection, but people were coming over for the debate and it got me motivated. I didn’t get them trimmed in time for the evening, but they’ll be ready and waiting for the next time:

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