Post-election depression

Wow. I am not a fan of Bush’s re-election. It isn’t often that I completely disagree with everything that a person does and stands for, but in Bush’s case, I do utterly. I think that his educational plan is misguided and purposely underfunded. I think that his views on science, technology, and incorporating lots of international influence into higher education are extremely flawed and that he purposely ignores evidence to the contrary. I think his environmental record is scary. I disagree with his international posturing, the secrecy of his government, the blatant lies that he tells, and the way that he pushes states to fund federal measures. I disagree with his views on gay marriage, on abortion, and on the civil rights of Americans. He is to blame for the people held indefinitely at Guantanamo. He is to blame for the increased polarization of the country. He is to blame for the deficit (built from surplus), for the state of social security, and for cutting funding to popular programs that provide essential safety-net services. He has a McCarthy-istic view of terrorism, and all evidence shows that his policies and war have increased its source, rather than rubbed it out. I think that Bush is dangerous for our country, and I am horrified at the prospect of four more years. The senate and house gains are also disturbing.

So, there really isn’t much to be happy about today. For those of you who also feel this way, the only thing that I have to offer is this. It at least offers some perspective.

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