Thank God for Tom Cochran

When I was in ninth grade, I put this song* on every mix I made and would leave the tape in my radio so that I could rewind and listen to it first thing in the morning every day. Knowing me, I probably rewound and listened twice. 🙂 And now there’s Itunes and the “Repeat this song ad infinitum” button, and everyone’s happy.

In other news, I finished Rogue (pictures will follow when I’m less sleepy), worked on the bookshelf for a while (I’m becoming a woodworker!), actually sent out my resume to a company, and went to knitting at the Essential Bakery. A very satisfying day.

Also, I’ve discovered the wonkette, who is basically a mirror that bounces back every tidbit of liberal news. She posts about twice a minute. Procrastination hell. But, nonetheless, fun links and a more worthwhile waste of time than some of the other options.

* Note that I can say “this song” and you’ll know what I mean (if you listened to music in the early to mid nineties) because he only really had one. For the soul-less few, “this song” = “Life is a Highway”

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