Worm infestation?

In a rather shocking discovery last night we found that our live rock was full of little white worms that came out once the lights went off. I immediately went into spider mode (goosebumps everywhere) after finding the first three. Early results in a google search made us think that these were parasites, so we did a freshwater dip for the live rock to kill them off. Post-dip search results made them seem benign, if not beneficial (and revealed that a highly concentrated salt dip would have been more effective than the freshwater dip). When we were putting the rock back in the tank, we noticed that there were already little worm corpses everywhere in the tank, so it seems like if anything we just speeded the process along. With any luck, they’ll help ammonia levels build, since we’re still looking at a rather resolute 0 reading.

Funny, this sounds like such a gross post. It really wasn’t supposed to be! 😛

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