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My parents flew out from Boston on Tuesday, and just left this morning after a great four day visit. It was so fun to be able to show them around and give them some context for my life now. I’m glad that they’ll have pictures in their heads when I talk about my apartment, or what the lake looked like, or the traffic lights getting back on 405 in Seattle. It just makes the story more complete.

We had a great visit. We played tourist at Pike Place Market, the Underground Tours (great fun, see the picture below), the aquarium and on a harbour tour. I love the aquarium. They’ve added a ton since I was last there two years ago, and with my new marine aquarium knowledge the older exhibits were even more interesting than before. Plus, they have great crowd pleasers: They fed the octopus and it turned red! All the little kids were looking at the clown fishes swimming in their anenomes and saying “nemo!” (Pixar, way to go. You’ve successfully brainwashed an entire generation.) We got to see the otters and seals! 🙂 It was a fun trip.

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We went to the Yarrow Bay grill (immediately after the picture below was snapped) for their $25 menu — utterly satisfying, as always. It’s a great special event restaurant. We’d gone there originally when Sharon and Mom came out to visit two summers ago, and I’ve been back a few times since, mostly on Microsoft’s dime.

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On Friday, we went to the Chittenden Locks, the Essential Bakery, and then over to the Chateau St. Michelle and the Columbia wineries in Woodinville.

The only sad part of the week was that Kevin was at work during the day. I missed him! On the whole, though, a great visit. It’s also great that I don’t even have to be sad that it’s over, since I’ll be flying home for Thanksgiving soon!

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