Loooong absence

And, I’m back. It’s been one of those weeks+ where nothing seems bloggable. It isn’t that nothing’s happening, it just isn’t bitesize and captured on film. My dad got a new job (yay, Dad!), and so my parents will be leaving Weston, MA for Florida. It’s not like I’ve lived my entire life in that house and I’m devastated, but at the same time, it’s been my home since sixth grade and it’s sad to lose a home base. Knowing that they were still in Weston to visit made the move to Washington last summer a lot easier. It’s odd to all of a sudden have to miss the things (my church, certain roads, my high school swim team and coaches, etc, etc.) that I’ve been taking for granted would be there with a visit.

I started my job, and I like it. I still don’t feel settled and there’s a ton to learn, but it’s interesting, I love the Microsoft work environment, and I forgot how good it feels to be genuinely busy. I don’t see myself joining the blogging-at-work camp (nor do I think that people who care about knitting and fish want to hear overly much about testing and programming) so it doesn’t make for much news, but it’s definitely filling a hole and I’m enjoying myself. (Though, I do have to say that I am wiped when I get home. Sitting in front of my computer at home vs. sitting in front of my computer at work… you wouldn’t think there’d be much of a difference, but it makes me exhausted and starving. Funny how the body & brain work.)

I was going to catch up on fish tank stuff and knitting to give you some pictures (unlike some people I’m not witty or clever enough to support a text-only blog), but I think that will have to be another tale for another day…

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