I spy…

This is my new standard pose, in front of the mirror, staring at my eye:

After about a year of needing glasses whenever I wanted to see anything on the street, the tv, and increasingly other people’s faces, I finally made the switch to contacts yesterday. The right eye, while still not a breeze, is at least manageable. The left, however, takes a solid forty minutes to get in. This picture is my right eye — I spared you the view of my cranky, red left… Here’s hoping for major gains in dexterity and blink control in the next week!! (kevin’s family is coming next saturday and we’re going up to Whistler to ski — I’m hoping that my eyes will be ok enough with the contacts by then for them not to be a distraction.)

One thought on “I spy…”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I loved wearing contacts. Had them for about 25 years, then about 3 years ago, switched back to glasses full time. You’ll love not wearing glasses. I will say though, that I couldn’t ski with contacts…too much wind coming at my face, so I kept blinking (not good!). Tried with goggles and sunglasses, still didn’t work for me. Ended up getting prescription goggles, and I used them for skiing and off-road atv riding that we did so they were multi-purpose for me!

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