What happened to our fish?

With the addition of the torch coral and the new location for the xenia, we had to work a bit on the placement of the blowers in the tank. Now instead of having a basic clockwise flow around the edges, we have two back-to-front diagonal currents from each of the back corners. The corals (as hoped) seemed to love it, but the surprising effect is that it’s completely changed the behavior of the fish. Click and Clack love playing in the currents in the middle of the tank now, which impinges on the gramma’s turf, and it appears that there’s been something of a challenge to the current hierarchy. For example, Click (the braver of the clowns) stood his ground when the gramma tried to intimidate him away. (Clack held out for a few seconds, then retreated until things looked safe again.)

Then later, the clowns swam above the opening to the gramma’s home — an unusual spot for them, especially with the gramma out and keeping an eye on things.

They’ve even been around to the far right side of the tank, which is usually a no man’s land. The gramma has also been out and about on the left side of the tank more. Wonder if this will keep up?

2 thoughts on “What happened to our fish?”

  1. Just when you think you know them…. they freak out on you.

    I added two fish to Ilsa’s tank a month or so ago. Initially, one of them was harassing everyone, so I had to put him in solitary confinement to let the others rest. After a couple days of that, I let him out, and things were fine. (However he is still nicknamed “Klingon” until we officially name him).

    Things have been going along swimmingly (ha ha) until this morning when I woke up and saw Klingon chasing a very tired looking Ilsa again. Argh! So, back into solitary confinement he goes. I think Ilsa’s laying eggs, and Klingon just can’t wait till she releases them. They all like to eat goldfish eggs, but the pearlscale (tentatively named Bridget, or possibly Agatha) doesn’t chase to get them. She’s a female who I’ve seen laying eggs herself, so maybe she is sympathetic.

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