For the Color Addicts out there…

My books on quilting all came in at the library, and while I was picking them up, I came across one called A New Look at Log Cabin Quilts by Flavin Glover. It’s amazing. Basically, she uses a mix of log cabin blocks and techniques to make these amazing landscape quilts. I took pictures of some of the finished quilts — go find this book, it’s so fun to read:

Isn’t that awesome?? She said that you should work on a scene that inspires you and that’s meaningful. Living in Washington, I’m surrounded by them, but it wasn’t hard to choose the view across Lake Washington overlooking the Olympics and Seattle.

I don’t have any confidence that I’ll be able to even approximate her results, but I got all inspired and went to the fabric store and came home with this:

Isn’t it beautiful?? Best of all, it was all 50% off, so each color only cost $.45 for a quarter yard. My hat goes off to the Joann fabrics woman who did all the cutting — she didn’t seem put out by it at all. So now I have blue for the sky and water, purple for the mountains, green for the hill and trees in the foreground and the opposite shore’s near hills, and pinks and greys for the sun setting behind Seattle.

The picture part of the quilt is going to be about five feet square, and then I took my mother’s excellent advice and bought (cheap and nice-feeling) flat sheets to sew up for the rest of the front and the backing. I bought a light blue king size for the back and a deep blue queen size to frame the front, and here are both of them with the trim: Oooh. 🙂

2 thoughts on “For the Color Addicts out there…”

  1. I have some of those very fabrics, Susan! Have fun with your quilting! (It’s me, Reb, from Eastside Stitchers. Just blogsurfing…)

  2. Ooh, I like the idea of buying sheets for the edging. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a landscape quilt, but put off by the thought of how much planning it would take. Let us know how it goes. (Juli, also from Eastside Stitchers…)

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