Better late than never

Since February was for fixing, and it’s now late-May, it seemed like it was time to finish off a project. I’d reworked the neck and steeked the front of this sweater months ago, but the zipper that I’d bought for it didn’t quite work out. I had it almost all sewed in when I realized that you need a separating zipper for cardigans. Ouch. So, a-seam-ripping I went. I ordered a new zipper online and got it all sewed in this morning. I’m proud of my handiwork, except at the top. I either need tape to hide it, or I need to shorten the zipper an inch or two (I think I’ll go with the second). I can’t entirely cross this project off the list yet, but getting closer!!


And after:

While I’m talking about knitting, I might as well do the whole roundup. I’ve mostly been working away on Branching Out. I modified the pattern so that instead of two columns of leaves on each side, there are now three. I’m really happy with the effect, even though it took a fair amount of graph paper and ripping to get the math right. I’m still such a lace novice.

I’m gradually getting quicker at working on this, but I still keep forgetting yarn overs then having to rip back. Thank goodness at least for crochet hooks or I’d spend more time ripping that knitting. I’m flying back to the east coast this week for my sister’s graduation, and I’m thinking that this may just make a perfect airport project. 🙂

P.S. also this:


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