New zoos!

As has become our wont, we headed over to the fish store this weekend, and came home with new zoos! They’re bright orange, Kevin’s choice, and they grow on me more by the day for their brilliant colors.

I saw an inch long crab in our main tank that must have come in on one of the tiny pieces of rock holding either the yellow zoos or the mushrooms, and since then we’ve decided to be more careful about quarantining our corals. I’ve been diligently hunting for the crab since, without any luck. We have about 70 lbs of live rock in the tank, and I’m guessing he’s found a protected crevice with a decent food supply, and we may never see him again. Hopefully he won’t decide to munch on any of the corals or fish, and we’ll catch anyone else who hitchhikes in. My great fear is that we could get something like an eel, or one of the enormous poisonous worms, and not realize it was there until the clowns disappeared one day. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Fenner.

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  1. Hi Susan,

    Very interesting blog. You certainly are not among the masses (though your political vies are! haha). The crab (and many other crustaceans, worms and other critters) that you will see come in larvae or planknton form with your live rock or coral. You cannot readily guard against them, unless you cure the rocks a great deal (which takes out all the fun). They simply “grow up” in your tank. And also do not worry about what the crab can do to your corals, ie nothing. And he is also not a significant threat to any fish unless he is very large. As time goes on you will see a lot of interesting animals that come in with the biodiversity on the live rocks.

    I noticed your tank posts on your recent posts, so I am commenting, but I actually had a huge favor to ask you. If you can please email me at, I would be very appreciative.

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