Home again

While I was back to the east coast, I got to spend a few days in New Hampshire at my parent’s house on Winnepesaukee. The house is a lot more full now, since most of the things that didn’t make it to Florida with my parents ended up there instead. I felt like I’d done a decent job paring down my room in Weston and moving stuff out to Washington last summer, but my room had 12 boxes of stuff when I arrived. Luckily most of it was standard packing excess (a hair elastic and single earring on my dresser warranted 2 sheets of packing paper), and I spent a day unpacking, enjoying, and throwing out the contents of the boxes. Going through my room has always approached archaelogical dig status — I’ve definitely inherited my share of pack rat. Once I was in the mode of not keeping things because I recognized them, I was left with this in my NH Closet:

The rug and painting on the right are my parents’, and other than that we have two boxes of books, one plastic tub of art projects, one white basket of the surviving stuffed animals, two envelopes full of all of the clippings and cartoons and pictures that I had stick-takked to my walls in high school, two boxes of dollhouse furniture, computer games (challenge of the ancient empire, operation neptune, sim city, oregon trail, etc, all on floppies), and a few bits of extra clothes that I always keep up there. (Not pictured is the large dollhouse my grandfather made me and my sister when we were little — that’s in a corner of the room.) This seems like a manageable amount of things — it’s nice to leave it all in a guilt-free state.

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