On again, …

I planned to wait to post these until I made enough progress for them to look like something, but somehow this has been one of those months where the projects get started but never really wrap up. So, in the name of procrastination and a large enough apartment to get away with it, here’s the new circulation system for the tank (thanks to silicone & pvc master, Kevin):

(and somehow, those looong pvc pipes fit in the mustang. allegedly with the windows closed. wow.)

and here’s the design for the quilt-to-be:

The mountains were giving me problems (I want them to look like the view of the Olympics from my street), until I decided to turn their grid 45 degrees. It won’t be a traditional log cabin anymore, but I’ve decided I’m completely fine with that. Upon further consideration, I decided that this actually has multiple upsides. Not only are they now recognizable, but I think they really have the potential to “pop” now. I haven’t been able to figure out how to make them command the attention they should (for example, it’s dangerous to drive when the real ones are out, they’re so exceptionally mesmerizing.) The grid shift won’t completely solve this, but will certainly help draw the eye. Perhaps a good stitching pattern for quilting would solve the rest?

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