Something Fun

We have strawberries! This poor plant has been on the window sill in our bedroom for months (I say poor because I whacked it with the window when closing it and permanently bent one of the stalks. I still feel guilty about it.) It flowered in the middle of August, and now we have three berries. They’ve been growing for the last two weeks and the bigger two are finally starting to blush.

They’re a nice, cheerful antidote to the other element visible in the picture — that gloomy grey sky. We’ve definitely hit fall this week. The temperature is 50’s -60’s, and the view from bed each morning looks like this:

It clears up by mid-afternoon, but between the morning gloom and an interior office at work, I’m feeling sun-starved.

One thought on “Something Fun”

  1. Yes, the gray skies. That’s why I went nuts in my house and painted it a bunch of strong, warm colors. My family room is mango, pumpkin, and jungle trail green. And it’s so cool! Very warm and “sunny” for the gloomy winter season.

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