Some MIT Engineering

There’s been a lot of action on the fish front. Kevin has been wrestling all of the pvc from the swirling mess at left to the amazing customized loveliness at right.

That’s meant that we’re getting closer to moving everyone over to our new set up. We should be able to turn on the circulation at the end of the week, once the silicone dries completely. We’re both very concerned about the sand that we have in there now — it’s very swirly. We chose the finest grain, aware that some flying-about came with the territory, but the ensuing blizzard has exceeded expectations. Hopefully (though neither of us are holding our breath) it will be wild for a day or two with the extra current, but then settle for good. However, after over a month of attempted-settling, it still turns into a day-long sandstorm any time we add water or move the pumps. Neither of us would be comfortable putting any of our guys (except perhaps the ever-breeding snails) in there now — it’s too murky. It would be like breathing wet cement.

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