Getting closer

Major sweater progress. They actually finally look like sleeves, instead of, as Kevin so kindly noted, like stumps.

I have about another two or three inches until I start the cap and I’m still on the first ball of yarn for each sleeve. (Isn’t Cascade Sierra great?) I’m anticipating that working with the pattern once I get to the shoulder decreases will be another battle. The pattern calls for Rowan Denim, which was designed to shrink, but Sierra shouldn’t and trying to compensate for that has been difficult. I can’t find any notes on the anticipated shrinkage percentage for the Denim — some sites say 5%, some say 20%, which is too big a discrepancy to be helpful. I’m going to try to wing some sweater math, so if anyone has good references for calculating the decreases and wanted to send them my way, I’d be grateful. 🙂

I can tell my brain is ready to be finished with this. I keep waking up from dreams where I’m sewing up the sides. 🙂

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