New Sweater!

While I’m waiting for the white ribbed sweater to finish itself (particularly that seed-stitch collar!), I’ve been knitting away on the cabled cardigan from Vogue Knitting. I defied tradition and did the sleeves first, mostly because I plan to add the cabled panel on the sleeves to the bottom of the sweater (no cropped sweaters here!) and wanted to see how long it would be.

The reward of the efforts? Two lovely sleeves, blocking. Bulky yarn knits so fast, I love it. The yarn calls for #10.5 needles, and all I had were #10’s, so the fabric is a bit denser than intended. I think it will be lovely and warm, not suppressive, but it is still going through my yarn faster than I anticipated. The sleeves ate up three balls. I found an extra in my dye lot (#084), but that means that I still only have 4 balls to do the back and both fronts. This is going to either be a tight squeeze or a dismal failure — the jury’s still out.

Also, does anyone have recommendations on what to use to seam up the sides? It seems like the bulky yarn would make a terrible seam. I’ve heard of using dental floss, but that seems odd to me. Any advice??

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