Tang Update

The tang seems to be adjusting. He’s still not entirely comfortable around people, but he’s frequently coming up to the glass when we’re nearby instead of darting away and hyperventilating. He’s been eating everything in sight, and you can see a green belly full of Nori at the end of the day. He also eats the formula one (frozen meaty food) and the cyclop-eeze (wee red creatures, also technically meat) with gusto, so clearly he doesn’t realize that he’s supposed to be a strict herbivore. We’ve had to be careful when we feed the yellow polyp to keep our hand in for an extra moment until the polyp has a good grip on it, because the tang keeps snatching his food away. I’m a bit worried about overfeeding, but he seems so desperate to eat that it seems like it would be cruel to deprive him. I’ve also read that tangs are constant grazers, so not having food available could do more harm than good.

He still has a few weeks to go in the quarantine tank, since he got black spot after about a week and that reset the clock. We had to do two freshwater dips (temp and pH adjusted) about three days apart, but he seems to have beaten it.

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