New Yarn!

Jessica posted about buying Rowanspun, and since it was a slow and sleep-deprived week at work, I got google out and bought some. 🙂 Bummer. 🙂

I ended up at Jimmy Beans Wool (recommended in the past by Sharlyn for being excellent and quick. My editorial comments on that: and how! Less than two days, shipped cheap.), and found that they were having a sale. I loved one of the DK colors, despite fear that it would be too bright a teal.

They had eight balls left, which came to 1760 yards at 220 yards a skein. According to my handy chart (can anyone confirm that this is right?!?), this should be more than enough for a DK version of a Rogue, which ended up taking a ball-plus less that the recommended 1100 yards of worsted weight yarn the first time I knit it. I figure that it will take modifications ( the cuffs were too tight, dk-not-worsted, make the cables wider, make it a cardigan…) but could still be a fun challenge, and regardless, any time you can find a sweater’s worth of pretty yarn for under $40, that’s worth considering.

The yarn showed up today (yay!) and alleviated one of my concerns: it’s not too bright a teal. If anything, it’s too green, but for lots of cables, I kind of think that works….

PS. I just found a listing of yarn stores and festivals by state! Clearly not complete, but nice to have on hand. 🙂

UPDATE: In the light of day (if you can use that phrase for this grey Seattle murk), the yarn looks exactly like the picture from the jimmy beans photo above. The green in the second picture from last night seemed to be the work of my camera’s flash. The actual color is the sort that you couldn’t wear with light blue jeans because they would be too similar. 🙂 perfect.

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